Thursday, March 12, 2009

Matisse Madden's Bio and Teaching Statement

Matisse is currently dancing with Connecticut Ballet. She has performed to critical acclaim in both the United States and Europe. Although Matisse is focusing on performing at present, she has a strong academic back ground. Matisse received her B.A. in Dance (Ballet emphasis) and B.S in Zoology from Brigham Young University, and her MFA from The University of Utah. Matisse was a visiting professor at Mt. Holyoke College, and is currently teaching the intermediate and advanced Ballet classes at Yale University. Matisse has found great insight by studying the Vaganova teaching methodology and has received her Vaganova teaching certificate for level 1-6.

Personal Statement for teaching Ballet technique:

"The aim of my teaching is to produce dancers possessing a strong, clean classical technique with great emphasis on artistry, musicality, purity of line, co-ordination and a quality. Ballet class is a privilege. A dancer must take responsibility for her technical development. As a teacher, I create a safe learning environment while communicating my high expectations for each student. I demand that each dancer be totally involved in all parts of the class from beginning to end. They must execute all the combinations rhythmically and with correct technique, face problems with confidence, learn to trust themselves and consistently perform.
I am studied in many methods of ballet pedagogy; however, as both a dancer and an instructor, I have found most success in the Vaganova teaching syllabus. I feel this method provides a clear template for progressive lessons, giving the students consistency. My class emphasizes the coordination of port de bras emanating from the energy of the back and torso, simultaneously allowing the dancer the freedom to dance with elegance and without tension."

-Matisse Madden

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  1. Matisse Madden's bio as well as teaching statement is really so impressive and i would say that her personal statement is an awesome example of personal statement for teaching job and others should learn and inspire from it instead of copying from others statements and writing it just for formality.